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  1. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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    2. Free2Fly


      Ah manic hey, in a good way or bad?

      if good I could certainly do with that right now :( ,

      the past month my life has felt like its spiralling down the toilet :( , and becoming someone I don't want to be too, been getting angry out of the blue , my health physically is all over the place & each day I wonder what I'm I to do now I don't really have much no real interesting hobbies, can't work cause unfit :( ... um sorry just looked up and realised I've been ranting away...

      still hope things look up for you.

    3. 8888


      Manic was okay for me at first but now it's too over the top.  Sorry to hear you are struggling.  

    4. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs sitting with you :hug: 

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