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Kasia Kesfuria

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    Michigan, USA
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    Reading, Writing, Bird Watching, Fish Keeping, Binging Horror, Sci Fi, & Anime Shows, Gaming, Listening to Vinyl Records, Yoga, Swimming, Chocolate, Spending Time with People I Love, and Grooving to Everything 60s!

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  1. Feel pain of all survivors! I hope you get r***d! Hope your wife finds out! Going medieval on your ass! Going Baby Jane on you! Hope your di*k falls off! You don't deserve any happiness! Karma is a real bit*h! I REALLY LIKE THIS TOPIC!
  2. Sounds intriguing...what is holiday buddies about? I'm interested, since this is a difficult time of year for me.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Kasia and up until now, I've avoided all forms of social media. I'm a bit shy and didn't want to make it easy for my perps to find me. This is so weird for me to be finally posting online. Even a few months ago, I never thought I would do anything like this ever!!! I have a great support group that I attend weekly, a therapist, and nice support network of friends and family. Lately though, my issues have been intensifying and I've felt like something has been missing in my healing/recovery process. I'm a night person and it's difficult to get my needs met beca
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