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  1. Unsettled


    I feel the same way, so well put. It is a good thing to know your feelings. i find one of the most difficult parts of knowing the feelings is understanding why I feel something.
  2. Hi Mandy, I have only been here a short time....welcome back
  3. Hi Itrainor and welcome. I am so sorry you are experiencing these feelings. I feel the same way everytime I think about the r*p* I have been raped over and over in my mind thousands of times. I don't really think you are triggering yourself I think it is a long process to work though the assault and its effects. I am not the same person I used to be. There are many places that I haven't been able to go to because I know it will trigger the PTSD. I am getting a little better. It has only been 360 days since my SA. I know it will take years to heal. I think you need to give yourself tim
  4. Unsettled


    Kirby, I understand your pain and am sorry you feel this way. I had a bad day yesterday as well. And then totally withdrew from my best friend, my husband. I feel so bad for him that I am not the person I once was...Hang in there....
  5. Unsettled

    It's Time to Talk

    Well put. You can do it.
  6. Hi Nikki, this is a great site to get help. I am so sorry that your mother pressured you so much. I have an uncaring mother and come from a dysfunctional family. Good to hear you are getting help. Everyone here at AS are supportive. Keep posting it will help. I am just recovering myself it has only been 10 months for me so I am still in a bit of a bad place. There are others here who are much wiser. Be true to yourself....sorry for your pain.
  7. Hi Saige, good group of people here. You will find many answers and a good direction from all of the supportive people here....
  8. Kate you are in a good place here. I am new since October never had the courage to post until recently. I have been in therapy for the past 8 months. I have a wonderful support system with my advocate and therapist. Very little family support...in fact none... Everyone is beautiful here. Stay true to yourself.. Tina
  9. Welcome Beachy. Sorry for your pain. I have similar circumstances. You are not alone. Be true to yourself.
  10. Thanks hidden heart and Lisa T. I felt so alone about my feelings until I found this site. I have a great counselor and advocate but I am currently out of state working and have not seen them for over a month!!!
  11. Thanks Patricia I do appreciate it. I feel awkward. Sincerely......tina
  12. Hi Lisa t, i am also new to this forum although I am not certain I belong... I am in my 50's and feel like I do not belong . Athough I have a story that I think can change many lives. hopeful
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