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  1. Dear AS members, As we are sure you all know, in the rules about posting it says this: "Erased posts will be removed and deleted. If you have deleted your post, please mark it as deleted. However, if the first post in a thread has been deleted, the entire thread will be removed." So please know that if you start a thread and then delete the original post it will be removed. We want to minimise confusion and clutter on the site that can be created with empty posts. If you would like a reminder of the site rules please visit this link: http://www.aft
  2. Hi Hadrian and Welcome. I run out my demons too. Feeling fit and strong is a major way that I cope with my assault history and your intro post spoke volumes to me. I hope you find the site helpful on your journey. Best wishes.
  3. Welcome! I was nervous when I first joined as well but I can truly say this place has helped me so much. I hope the same for you. It helps to know you are not alone and we do try to encourage each other. See you round the boards.
  4. Hi Carn. I'm sorry you have need to reach out here. I felt pretty similar to the way you describe and online was a good solution for me to begin to address things. I hope AS can be a good support for you. We encourage people to not share to much in the welcome forum. Take your time and look around a while and when you are ready there are better places to post your story. It can be a lot to take in so be gentle with yourself. I liked your title being a huge star trek fan myself. Warm welcomes.
  5. euca


    Welcome Alex, I'm in Aus too It's wonderful that you would make this effort to help your friend.
  6. Hello Anto, I'm sorry that you have reason to come here but you will find this place supportive and helpful I'm sure. Good luck and Welcome.
  7. UMBC Welcome to After Silence. We hope you are finding this place helpful and supportive. It may be a little confusing to see your welcome post here I've moved it out of another thread. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, one of the Newbie Support Team or another moderator. Best wishes.
  8. That is a beautiful story. Thankyou.
  9. Hi Jasmine, welcome to AfterSilence. I've read your story and I'm sorry for what you have suffered. It can be hard for those around us to understand the effects of sexual assault. People here do though. I hope you find support here.
  10. Moving on after SA/CSA is not something most people can do with a shrug off. It isn't easy to pick yourself up, but to admit that is not a failure. In fact I have found that years of denial and trying to flippantly move on, was, in the end, counter productive. That was my failure. Trauma affects the brain. My real success is going to be when I have properly understood the trauma that I suffered and the impact it has had on my brain and consequently my life. You might be different because everyone is, but I hope you don't think of your reasons for being here as something easy to move past, an
  11. Hi all. We've had a discussion about this. It was felt by the moderators that most of the points that people are making for the idea of a grief forum are things that can be covered under the Aftermath. We are a site that focuses on rape and sexual abuse and if we begin to add forums for all the areas in a person's life then we risk losing the focus. However we thought maybe a pinned topic in the Aftermath forum called The Grief Support Thread could be a solution. I'll set it up now and hope you will find it a useful space.
  12. That is really helpful information, thanks Hearme!
  13. This is a known problem with the software we are running on at the moment. Thank you for being responsible about logging straight out. It seems to occur around PMs and friend requests but isn't very predictable. The site administrators are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Thank you for your continued patience.
  14. Welcome Audie, nice to see you here I hope you find your way around ok. There are lots of people willing to help and support. Best wishes.
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