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  1. Carn871


    This is freaking amazing !! You are amazing !! And thank you so so much I really needed to hear this right now!
  2. It's the third button on the bottom right corner of everyone's post where it says: Report MultiQuote Quote I grew up on message boards so I'm not a complete noob after all
  3. Hi and welcome! You aren't alone
  4. Hi Kat! I just joined this site and a similar one and it has already started to help me. Welcome
  5. Hi jus! Thanks for being there Hi reglois! hug is OK hi louiseroi! It's good to hear how supportive AS is. And thanks for the advice about TW. The anon component of AS is a big reason why I joined in the first place too. I am also impatient about it being a process instead of a one stop shop like you say so it's nice to hear I'm not alone on that. I can definitely relate to feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed, but it's hard for me to recognize at the time because I usually shut down emotionally. Anyway, I wish you all the best and support with the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy?) i
  6. Hi! I'm definitely sure you're welcome here too.
  7. Hi Donnna, Sorry to hear that that trigger is so widespread. Mine are a little more subtle than that so it's harder for me to relate exactly, but I do understand and hope you can get help here online and with that women's group. TW I am male, so I don't really know what would help. Just keep in mind that gender doesn't automatically make anyone do anything or dictate their actions.
  8. Hey euca , Thanks for the advice for how to proceed and about taking my time... that was very seriously helpful Now that you point it out, it seems I did make a star trek reference there, haha. I guess I'm a bit nerdy huh.
  9. Hi there, Though I'd very much like to, I'm not going into details here. It's mostly out of concern for the other survivors, (triggers) but also I'm not all that confident in the words needed to share what happened to me. I'm still not reconciled to the fact that it actually did happen and that I need to deal with it somehow. I'd like eventually to find an in-person support group, but online is all I'm comfortable with for now. Getting beyond angry feels so so good lately. What I crave is justice to be done for what happened to me... though now it is an impossibility. Suffice it to sa
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