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  1. Welcome Thea. I'm 41 and like reading and writing. I hope you find the support you need here. Take your time. This is a good place and good people.
  2. Sorry for all you have endured. Welcome to After Silence
  3. welcome , everyone here is so supportive and caring I hope you find AS a good step in your healing journey
  4. Welcome to After Silence! Here to listen and help
  5. Is there anyway to have a forum or area where we can talk about a discuss grief. I know there is a section about grief of the loss of babies but what about other loss. I'm hurting bad and need somewhere to go to write someone who understands the loss and grief we survivors go through. Please can we have a place like this started. I'm scared to write somewhere and upset or trigger others, but if there was a place that was safe for that then I wouldn't have to worry, I wouldn't have to keep it all locked inside. thank you for whoever takes the time to read and answer
  6. make 10 posts and then you may enter share my story section
  7. Hi Amandarose, Welcome to AS, Its a big step to reach out for support, so be proud of yourself for taking that step. This is a good place to reach for the support you need. You are not alone. So very sorry for what you endured.
  8. You are not alone, Welcome to After Silence (AS)
  9. I bought myself a standing punching bag and gloves so I can let out the pent up emotions in a safe and healthy way. It gets delivered tomorrow. Im excited because so much is boiling up to the surface, and I never allow myself to let it out.
  10. welcome back CosmicDancer, hope you find the support you deserve here
  11. I went out to Dinner and bought a few movies...... MacGyver- The complete first season Touched by an Angel- The complete first season The Brady Bunch- The complete Second season
  12. sorry you have to be here but welcome. Hope this place helps in your healing journey
  13. Becci just want to welcome you to After Silence, its a very good and supportive site. Sorry for all you have endured. You are not alone here
  14. I am so sorry for your pain, please know you are not alone we are here to support you
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