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  1. @Lily227 Hello, and welcome to After Silence. I am so sorry to hear you have pain that brings you here, but we are so happy that you have found us. I know it takes a lot to reach out for help and talk about these things, but this is a great step in the healing process. Take your time, we are all here for you whenever you need support sam 🖤
  2. Oh I definitely understand you there ! I believe we can be triggered by a lot of things around us without even realizing it, especially when our memories are buried. I am still recovering memories myself because of this very thing! When we bury things so deeply, there can be small things (songs, an object, a sound, a smell, etc) that can take us back to those memories without us entirely remembering them . And that can be a very scary thing to deal with. Have you tried writing out the sensations/ memories/ thoughts that come to you in those moments? I would suggest trying to do so if you think you can handle that? I personally have and I’ve made some breakthroughs with memories I only had pieces to. take gentle care of yourself sam🖤
  3. @Samonne hello and welcome to After Silence! I am so sorry for what brings you here, but we are so glad you have found us. You are not alone sam🖤
  4. @Shefloats hello and welcome to after silence. You are NOT crazy. Our minds can be tricky. Burying things that are so traumatic that they come back in fragments at random times. Maybe something you heard, smelled, saw brought a fragment of a memory back to you in those moments that added to your “rape box”. I hope I’m making sense but this has happened to me. I am currently still adding to my own box in my mind... memories are flooding back to me. I just wanted you to know you aren’t alone. Our brains don’t just make traumatic scenarios out of nothing. Your pain is valid. You are valid. You matter. if you would like to chat or vent I am here for you sam🖤
  5. @JME welcome to after silence that’s a beautiful picture, thank you for sharing sam🖤
  6. @Anonymous26 welcome to after silence sam🖤
  7. @Chelsea30 welcome to after silence sam🖤
  8. @boxergal30 it is okay! We understand. You don’t have to feel pressured to share anything at all. We are here for you. I understand this can all be so overwhelming. There is no pressure on you at all for anything here I hope you know that and it helps you feel more comfortable. ps:I can relate. I can’t talk to my husband either sitting with you if okay? sam🖤
  9. @Lovelylady hello and welcome to After Silence! I am sorry you have reasons to be here, but we are so glad you found us you are not alone! sam🖤
  10. @psh I am so sorry I missed this! Welcome to After Silence. I am so glad you found us here I am sorry you have pain that brings you here, but I think you will fine comfort here knowing you are not alone with everything you have been through. sam🖤
  11. @Quirka Hello and Welcome! We are so glad you have found us I am happy to hear you have such a wonderful support system in real life. That is huge for anyone in their healing journey! "Healing" is something us survivors deal with forever. Sexual trauma is not something you can fully heal from I don't think. The wounds can become easier to tend to over time, but they will always be there. I hope this site can bring you comfort in knowing there are many here who understand your struggles with this trauma. sam 🖤
  12. @boxergal30 Hello and Welcome! I am so sorry you have trauma that brings you here, but we are so glad you have found us You are not alone in this battle. I hope being here with us can bring you comfort in knowing there are others here who can understand you. We are all here to help each other make more sense of everything together. sam 🖤
  13. @GreenBayGirl I am so sorry you are dealing with these realizations as well! It is so numbing... incredibly hard to grapple with. Sitting with you and here to talk if you want sam🖤
  14. @GreenBayGirl thank you for your support! 💜
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