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    My interests include: knitting, animals, special education, women's issues, my boyfriend, traveling, the great outdoors, paganism, being silly and studying hard. I also love to read and my guilty pleasure is MTV. In the picture I am the girl with blond hair.

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  1. I have to say that children do need a safe place to turn however there are so many adult topics discussed here that it feels almost abusive to expose children to these things and to bog them down with even more adult issues than they are already facing. To be quite honest it freaks me out that there are people here under the age of 16 and even 18 that we adult survivors expose to all of our stuff. I am desperately want to teach highschool and I just finished interning with 9th-11th grade and they are still kids no matter what they have experienced. Now that I have stated my opinion the fact is when I joined this forum I knew it was intergenerational so by joining and posting my stuff I know that I am exposing children to my issues but being part of this community is so important to me and I have to say that I filter myself quite a bit because I wonder never want to expose a child to some of the adult things I am working on. Ever since I had a bad experience in the chatroom with someone that was underage shouldering the burden of a "suicidal" member in the middle of the night I have come to see that we must provide hope, courage, and a shoulder without exposing child members to other things that as children they shouldn't have to worry about. It really makes me sad to think about the 14 year old that felt responsible for keeping a 19 year old alive. She never should have been put in that position. Tat situation was resolved but I will never ever forget it and it helped mold my views of AS as a safe haven for a community of intergenerational survivors............Michelle
  2. Lets see there are so many things that make me feel good...... I love high count cotton sheets a nice glass of wine lotion I get a massage every other Friday it is a hour of pure heaven I touch myself alot....I mean I pet myself...I rub my shoulders and neck I massage my hands and feet ect. Long showers painting my fingernails and toenails..........Michelle
  3. Welcome to the boards Tom........Michelle
  4. welcome to the boards. I am glad you found us. Take your time and do what you need to do to care for you. I hope you find peace and healing here as I have.......Michelle
  5. Welcome to As Jackie. This is a wonderful place. The people I have met here are so nonjudgemental and supportive. Take your time posting and be gentle with yourself. I am glad you found your way to this magical place of hope and healing......Michelle
  6. Welcome to AS. I have met so many wonderful people here. This is this most supportive nonjudgemental group you will ever meet. Take your time. This is yours. Hope and Healing...............Love...........Michelle
  7. violets8


    Hi Lilly, welcome to the boards. This is a journey we are all on together........Michelle
  8. violets8


    Welcome to the boards Terra. Don't you love the dancing bananas. They always make me smile...........Michelle
  9. Hi Jessica this board is a great place to be. This is the most loving and non-judgemental group I have ever me. I hope you find peace and healing here as I have......................................Michelle
  10. Hi Melanie welcome..............Michelle
  11. Hi welcome to the boards.............Michelle
  12. Hi Judy, Welcome to the boards. I love it here. There are so many wonderful creative people that post here and everyone is so helpful. Many members have there own websites. Feel free to post a link to your website. I would love to check it out..............Michelle
  13. Hi Lindsay, Welcome to the boards. I hope you find as much comfort here as I have.............Michelle
  14. Welcome to the boards Val..........Michelle
  15. violets8


    Hi Jade welcome to the boards.............Michelle
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