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  1. I just found my way back to this board, and I did in a way forget about it. I have been through so much since I was last on here, but I am dealing with it as best as I can. I also want to thank you for welcoming me to this group. I know that I am not alone, but with actually knowing what I am going through with my friends outside of my home and the Internet, I am still having a tough time. Most of them don't understand what MPD is, and what I go through when I lose time. A lot of them think that going to a psychiatrist would help me, but they don't know the pain that I am going through.
  2. hello (((willow))), i am very new to this group as of today. i can understand you wanting to tell your family and stuff, and i totally commend you on doing so. my biological father also abused me, as well as the rest of my family. i am not from the UK but from the US, and i don't know how they do therapy/counseling over there, but i believe that a few of the other members gave you some really great advice. also, your professor/teacher seems to have no heart. for someone who is in the medical(?) field or close to it, she should be a little more understanding than what she is showing y
  3. hello, my real name's melanie, and i'm a 30 yr old survivor of sexual and ritual abuse. i have been dealing with this for quite some time now (3 years to be exact). i have previously been to therapy, but at this time i am not. due to being ritually abused by both sides of my family (mainly my father's side), ummm...i have been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, ptsd, severe clinical depression, and chronic insomnia. ummm....i don't take any meds due to them not working on me, and i try to use meditation and other forms of natural remedies to help out with my depression. als
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