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  1. Thank You all so much. I am not sure why I haven't found a place like this sooner. I find a strength here, I have never seen or felt before. All the stories, and the things ya'll share. It is unbelieveable. The strength you all show, blows me away. As I said, I hate that any of you had to go threw this, but there is a peace in the words, "I understand" I struggle with wanting to just put it away again, I don't want to think about it. But I can see it getting worse each time it returns. I have a lot of anger, but not just at my abuser, I have a lot of resentment with my family. I'm not sure which is harder to deal with really? All I really do know is, I need to be angry right now, and I need to lay blame where it belongs instead of caring it all myself. But, once again Thanks to all of you for having a understanding ear, for someone one you don't even know. Anyway, I am glad to be here, one baby step down, a million to go. Take Care all, Lauri
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to the board, and I am a survivor, though I don't feel like much of one. I have been married 13 years, he knows about the abuse, but not everything, have 3 absolutely wonderful kids. I was 10/11 when I started being abused by my stepdad. I am now 32. I have found that I have never come to terms with it. My teenage years I spent hiding from it, and in fear. My 20's I spent lying to everyone, and making them believe, I had overcome it. And now Here I am on this board, Full of anger and thinking it is just awful to see so many people in my position, but comforting to finally find a place where people understand. I joined a few days ago, and went straight for the Need to Vent board. My anger was getting the better of me. Because if I release it, no one understands, so I just keep it inside, and that just makes it worse. On that board for the first time in my life I heard someone say, "I understand". I hope I can find a home here, and get the support I so long for. I hope that I can support someone in my shoes, and make a difference in their life as well. Im not quite to the point of sharing my story, but I hope I get there. I just have a very bad habit of sweeping it back under the rug, and I have gotten no where with that. I want to confront it, and heal. Thanks for reading. Lauri
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