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  1. (((kitty)) why.. Welcome! Get yourself comfy.. get a comforter and look around! be at home. this place is awesome! I hope you enjoy your stay.. and I am glad you ended up here
  2. crimson tear


    Hey there! awww.. why don't you feel like you belong here? Even if you don't think your story is as dramatic as other's stories... it can be just as traumatizing and emotionally painful as anyone else's. Sexual abuse... doesn't just include rape... it also includes being forced against your will... to do any sexual favours.. such as kisses... "touching".. fondling.. and even some types of cuddling could be considered sexual abuse. But I hope you enjoy your stay here. I know I have so far.
  3. Oh wow! I feel so welcome! and thank you! Just so you guys know.. since you all want to see my site.. my website is.. Broken Silence aka.. www.painfulscars.com Most of the info isn't up yet... I just got it started... and if anyone is willing to help me out... in finding resources please PM them to me! and also.. I'd love to share my story with all of you ... my aftermath up to this point.. and everything else you'd like to know
  4. Hey there... My name is Judy, I am 16 years old currently living in the las vegas, nevada. I am a rape survivor indeed. I came here in hopes to make new friends, and for others to express idea's, thoughts, and emotions to me... so I can get an understanding of why I feel the way I do... I have a website... but won't post it here... because that would be rude to advertise my site on someone else's site. anyways... uhhmm... yea.. that's me
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