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  1. Hi Julia! Everyone here is great and I am glad you found this place, I hope being here will be a support to you. Take care, Jolanda
  2. Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome! We are here for you and I am so proud you introduced yourself.. take care! Jolanda
  3. Well, welcome Leah. Beautifully spoken, and I mean that. You sound a lot like me. And I am sure a lot like others around here. . Take care, Jolanda
  4. hi Dawn, good to see you back. Hope you will find what you need now. We are still there for you. Take care! Jolanda.
  5. I know these rules must be followed and I understand this is no therapy, I am just concerned about the children. It is good to hear there is a place you can send them to, Vera, that helps me lot in feeling better actually. I panicked a little, as we all know how lonely it is when you are a kid. Thanks for the replies so far.! And Sookie thanks for checking some things! jolanda
  6. Hi everyone, The post about Fern being suspended and the quit angry reactions to that have upset me. I am twentynine years old, so I am in place here, but I am wondering.. is there a place the kids among us CAN go to? If I would have found a site like this to help me when I was 13 it would probably have kept me from a lot of bad things.. where do the kids go? They have the right to be heard too, but by who?? I hate freaking laws, they always make things impossible and yet we cannot live without! This so much freaks me out, I don't even understand myself why I am so mad right now, but I really
  7. Hi Prue, welcome here and blessed be! Jolanda
  8. Thank you all for being so kind. It makes me feel less lonely and understood. Lately I'm finding it difficult to watch tv, speaking about violant movies and especially the ones with sex abuse in it. It can bring me in a flashback, and it made me turn of the whole tv. I hope this will get better in a while, as I do like watching my soap opera's, ... Love, Jolanda
  9. Hi everybody, My name is Jolanda, I'm 28 years old, from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I've been abused since I was a child, sexually, mentally, and finally I found the courage to cry out for help. Starting therapy in hopefully a few weeks. It is still very difficult for me to talk about what happened, and as it is my first time speaking out I'm a rape victim "on public" I like to leave it by introducing myself for the time being. It is, how sad it might be, nice for me to see I'm not alone in all the pain and anger. Take care of of you beautiful girls, 'till next time, jolanda
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