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  1. Take your time if you are not ready. But Welcome to AS.
  2. Welcome to AS, take it slow and make friends here. I'm sure you'll have a great number of friends on here soon.
  3. Welcome to AS, i hope we can help
  4. Welcome to AS, sorry you are having a bad day
  5. Welcome to AS. Hope we can help
  6. You're worthy, i look forward to a reply from you. But don't rush if you're not ready. Have a nice day
  7. I'm the partner of a survivor, and i know how he all your husbands must feel. I have been out a few times looking of the monsters that did it to my girlfriend but i've tried to calm down now. I think i annoy my girlfriend by checking up on her alot. I am pretty sad in the fact i try to walk her to and from everywhere. I figured that not many people are stupid to attack the 6foot4, leather-clad wierdo
  8. Welcome, i'm sorry you have reason to be on this site but i hope we can help. If you don't know what to say (which i didn't when i first saw this site) just give yourself some time. You don't have to start on here by sharing everything. Just take it slowly
  9. This is easily the greatest site on the web
  10. You're right these sites shouldn't exist. Welcome, hope we can help with anything
  11. I hope everything turns out well for you
  12. Welcome to AS, Hope we can help
  13. Welcome, I hope we can help you with anything
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