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  1. Thanks a lot, guys. I have a really hard time sharing if I feel I am not being received well.... and I often believe I'm pretty hard to get along with. :-( So, I'm very introverted. I am really hoping I can overcome that and actually link up emotionally, and spiritually on a level I am normally unable to connect on. Your welcomes are very much appreciated and just wha tI needed!!!
  2. I am new to this message board, too. I wanted to say hello and encourage you to stick around, if only to reassure yourself that others out there are struggling with the same things you are. We may feel, think and handle our struggles differently - but, we're all here to listen to each other and it really makes a difference.
  3. Hi, I'm a new member here. I used to frequent several abuse survivor websites that no longer exist. After recently reading, A Child Called It, I've realized I once again need a little support & encouragement. The book had been reccommended by survivors for years to me, and I finally got the courage to read it. But, it was very disturbing, triggering and has forced me to re-open this chapter of my past. I'm 24/f, happily married with two sons.
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