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  1. Huge Oversight On The Resources Board.

    Canada is missing a bunch of provinces too.
  2. I Am Back

    welcome back! hope you have a quick recovery.
  3. None Intercourse Rape

    Thank you.
  4. Oregon

    http://www.sarcoregon.org/ Great facility.
  5. What Is Recovery?

    This is an interesting post about recovery. It makes one think. Recovery is a process for sure.
  6. What Do The Black Lines Mean?

    It means that it's a "spoiler" If you put your cursor over the black line, it will reveal what is said.
  7. New Forum?

    I like this idea.
  8. Hello

  9. Hello

    This seems like a good place to introduce myself. I've been through alot this life, but I believe I'm stronger for it now. But, I still do need some support, this seems like a good place to get it.