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  1. Hello! I'm back!

    1. Painnbroken


      Welcome back

    2. MeBeMary


      Welcome back, TimidHeart. Same great place you remember, tho perhaps more members than you remember. Support is still here and none of us are alone!  :peace: 

  2. I feel like i'm middway from survivor to thriver, like i have my issues but i'm trying to stand strong and stuff
  3. I'm back guys, sorry I have had a bad time. 

  4. Hi I'm timidheart and of course I'm new here . Well I am an 18 year old girl living in Canada, and a three year survivor of Rape. I was 15 when I was raped by my best friend (who was also 15) at knifepoint, and I'm still trying to figure out that night. Outside of that I am ok, after finally getting my behavior in check, I am a soon to be a graduate of high school and hope to study in the USA with my long distance boyfriend. I want to study In Psychology and hope to help police officers catch criminals or help criminals get treatment. Othe things I love to do is draw, sing and play video games. I love music and hanging out with my friends. I think that's it for Now, I hope to see you around the fourms
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