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    Healing is a choice that we must do daily

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    Writing, Scrapbooking, Reading, Spending time with my kids, Volunteering at school, Teaching classes at the Red Cross, Listening to music, and recently became addicted to AS.

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  1. I wouldnt say anything because he isnt worth any words
  2. vera, I am considering using this one the christian mom's forum I go on uses it and it is pretty cool. It costs $5.00 that is it only five dollars period. It has safety features and everything on there for admins and mods to do like banning etc... it is cheap but a nice room, I think you can design the colors theirs is pink. As soon as I have an extra 5 dollars and the time I willl probably switch. You may already know about this one. But I thought I would throw it out here for you. here is the link http://www.tufat.com/script2.htm
  3. I don't know if I have accepted it or not. It is what it is, and it isn't going away so I might as well deal with it or continue to be miserable.
  4. I thought this was cool ********************************************** WHAT IS RECOVERY? Stacy Nordquist, M.A. I. Recovery is actively taking responsibility for how you live your life today. 2. Recovery is being able to put the past behind. It’s no longer having your childhood script dominate how you live your life today. 3. Recovery is being able to speak the truth about your growing up years. 4. Recovery is the process in which you develop skills you weren’t able to learn in your childhood. 5. Recovery is a process, not an event, often
  5. aqua I knew what you meant LOLOLOL
  6. here is a link with the best smilies if you scroll down to the eighth one under the clapping ppl there is a pregnancy one http://www.geocities.com/victoriahollylynn//people.html they have a lot of really cute ones there
  7. no there simply saying that we shouldn't argue and put each other down in chat or in posts.
  8. i thought it looked a litle bigger easier to read
  9. it's good your here for your daughter, just remember she is a survivor not a victim
  10. we are gonna have to have a little chat lololol
  11. OK I want everyone to try to contain themselves, don't get overly excited but the Oreo Queen and I are back. I realize how depressed everyone was when I took Mrs. Oreo away but she is back and she is hungary
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