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  1. Dear Me

    Dear Jess I know some times you can not all ways hear when the people round you tell just how far you have come so i am taking this opportunity to tell you just how far you have come and how much you are loved after everything that you have had to go through just look at were you are.. you are an amzing mum to two amzing daughters. You have even found the love of your life and your rock after all the hurt and pain you have been through on your really bad days tell your self that you are not to blame because none of it was your fault remeber that you are loved, i love you and i am soo proud to be you Love Jess x
  2. I Cnt Get Into Chat?

    I want chat to work
  3. I Cnt Get Into Chat?

    ive tryed to get into chat with fire fox and i got the same message ive got the most up todate java download is there a glitch with chat?
  4. I Cnt Get Into Chat?

    i tryed fire fox and it didnt work any other sugestions?
  5. I Cnt Get Into Chat?

    last few days i have had alot of trubble with my laptop so i dnt know if its down to this ive just tryed to getinto chat and its saying invalid username has anyone else had this trubble?
  6. New Member

    Welcome to As Duckster x
  7. Hello

    Hi Welcome to As if u need to talk or anything im always round Duckster x
  8. I Got An Idea

    Thanks u so so much for all ur respones i never thought it would have gone down soo well im really loking forward to making this real and not just an idea now how to get this started an ideas r much welcomed?? Thanks u all again:) Duckster
  9. I Got An Idea

    i have got an idea from another support fourm which worked very well and i think could work here it was called Adopt a newbie service were members who had been on the site for a while took a new member under their wing showed them round the bords and introduce them to other members i remeber how scary i found all this when i 1st came here i think this might help wat do u all think?? Duckster
  10. New

    Welcome to AS Jess
  11. I Have A Question?

    i have just noticed the second mod showing up on my list of ppl online showng as a normal member is this a glich? or are mods giving up being a mod i dnt wanna know any deatils or anything like that if they r giving up the mod powers i like the mods here and i dnt wanna see them go jess
  12. A Wary Hello.

    hiya and welcome Duck x
  13. Hi, I'm New

    Hi welcome to As if u need to chat or anything pm me duck x
  14. *appears From The Undergrowth*

    Welcome hun:) Jess x
  15. A New Survivor

    welcome to As ducky X