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    Hi Selina, welcome to AS
  2. I think its a good idea, i can imagine things are hard for you guys too, sometimes i worry that my boyfriend has nooneto talk to, might suggest he joins you!!
  3. I laid on my bed and finished my book!
  4. Hi

    Hi and welcome to AS! Don't worry about lurking for a bit, have a read around and post when your ready. If you have any questions then pm a mod or a member of the newbie support team!
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome to AS
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    Hi back! Welcome to AS!
  8. Hi

    Welcome to AS
  9. Im glad you got it sorted out. If you have any more problems in the future feel free to PM any of us chat mods or the admin, if we dont know the answer we can pass it on to someone who will!
  10. i bought some bright pink heels!
  11. Welcome to AS Hanni!
  12. Welcome back Brian, good to see you again
  13. Hi, welcome to AS! if you do get confused by anything on here feel free to PM any of the mods or the newbie support team! Im sure you'll get the hang of it all, good to have you with us
  14. Hi

  15. Welcome to AS! hope you enjoy your week!