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  1. Welcome Lucy. Although my stay has been short thus far, they are a great bunch of suvivors.
  2. twright


    Definitely been there. Welcome.
  3. Lovely is definitely the word!
  4. Thanks! I certianly feel welcomed!
  5. No need to wait for my return, here I am! However, I am unsure whether or not I will make it online before the return to the home-state; but, you never know! Thanks for the welcome.
  6. Thanks, Patty. Strong is my middle name...okay okay...its not, but it should be!
  7. I am also glad you feel welcomed. It is easy to feel so with such a great welcoming crew!
  8. It is GREAT to have your name out there! I am very happy to have found such a receptive community.
  9. Sure am! Nice to meet you.
  10. Wow! Many many welcome's. Thanks goodness for WIFI in the condo, so I could receive such a great welcoming!
  11. I certainly am! Thanks for the post!
  12. Great! Thanks for the welcome. To be more specific, the topic that I ran across was in the male forum, or at least about the forum itself I believe. I am looking forward to talking to other male surivors. Only recently did I find that I definitely have some things I would prefer to discuss amongst males. I am very glad this forum has a secure place for exactly that. And yes, there was some serious relaxing today...
  13. Excellent! Thanks for the hug! I am happy to see a community this large. And as you can see, apparently I am getting slower in my old age...here I am in Panama City Beach, and I am already home!! Whoa! Life does not shut down here until about 5 am, but here I am--losing the Spring Break touch. I am sure my body thanks me, but I will also thank you for the kind welcome.
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