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  1. Welcome to AS, really hope you can find lots of support from the kind caring people on this forum
  2. WQelcome to AS Magi hope you find all the support you need
  3. Welcome Susy hope you will find people who can help in your recovery gentle hugs
  4. Welcome Smiley hope you will find people who can help in your recovery gentle hugs
  5. Welcome Hillary hope you will find people who can help in your recovery gentle hugs
  6. We are all here to support and help eah other and you are an important part of that Milee Lucy x :bighug:
  7. lucy1975


    Welcome to AS hon, sorry for your reasons for joining. Take gentle care Lucy :bighug:
  8. Hi Victoria welcome to AS hope we can help you. There are lots of wonderful people here who will give you unconditional support Lucy :bighug:
  9. Welcome Cooper There are hundreds of wonderful sweet people here who are so supportive both male and female. I hope we can help you. Lucy :bighug:
  10. Welcome Mathgeek Take your time ad only post when u feel comfortable. As the others have said AS is a wonderful place. Lucy :bighug:
  11. Hi hon ive not had the pleasure of shatting to you before but I look forward to in the future. Welcome back Lucy :bighug:
  12. Welcome to AS hope we can help you as you heal Lucy :bighug:
  13. Hi there and welcome back you are always welcome here. Sending lots of encouragment and support :bighug:
  14. U have to be so careful on the internet you have no idea who is out there. Unfortunatly the internet has some very unscrupelous people that use it. Also it can be used in a positive way, but u still have to be careful
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