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  1. I tried to get involved on this site a few months ago when things made a little bit more sense. Since then it seems like little pieces of my life were starting to flake off, until finally big chunks of it were collapsing and then everything fell apart for a while. After exhausting every other option, I'm going to give AS another go. I desperately need something to ground me to reality right now, and I'm hoping this place can do that for me. ~Hannah
  2. hannie

    Hi Everyone

    Hi and welcome to AS... hope you find what you need here
  3. hannie

    Hey All

    Welcome... I hope you find what you need to help yourself heal here
  4. Hi everyone. My name is Hannah, but most people call me Hannie, and I am 15 years old. I am currently trying to deal with having DID as well as PTSD and I thought that maybe this might be a good place to start coming. I hope I get to know all of you very well very soon. This seems like a great place so far. -Hannie
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