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  1. so tonight, when trying to get into chat, it said i wasn't authorized to be in there. before anyone asks: i have over a thousand posts here, i've been a member here for a while. that's MEMBER, not secondary survivor. besides, i was in chat for a bit a few days ago. so i checked out the chat subforum, to see if there were any issues with the chat tonight. i didn't see any listed, and decided to make a post saying i was having trouble, since i wasn't clear on which mod i should get in contact with. it told me i was not authorized to be making posts in that specific forum. again, i'm a MEMBER h
  2. read through my PM that i sent you. we're all here for the same reason.
  3. at the risk of repeating what you just said, i'm really glad i'm not alone in my questioning. and yeah, i like that there's no pressure on posting or on telling what happened. it'll happen in time.
  4. Thank you very much. It's nice to be recieved so nicely into a board like this. Makes me feel like I'm NOT overreacting, but rather finally finding a safe place to be. If that even makes sense at all. :/
  5. Thanks for your kind words. I always think I'm making something out of nothing, and it makes me second guess myself constantly.
  6. So you know, I've debated posting this and have actually opened the window to post this and closed it again about six times. I'm new here, just joined up today. I joined as a survivor. But I go back and forth a lot. Sometimes, I think that yes, something definitely happened, I know it did, and I was hurt. But sometimes, especially looking around this forum, I think no, so many people have had it SO much worse, and mine...doesn't count. My stories don't matter. I feel like that a lot. So I joined as a survivor. But I don't feel like a survivor. I just feel like a giant failure. Anyway, I'm
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