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    i like reading, music, animals, i write poetry from time time, and am trying to get into writing stories.

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  1. Your emotions are totally normal, I And I'm happy she suggested Aftersilence, everyone here has helped me alot and I'm sure they will do the same for you, sorry for what has led you here but I'm happy your getting help, talk with you later I'm sure
  2. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I'm happy your here welcome :-)
  3. Im sorry for what you have gone through, we are all here for you, it will get better, take care. And welcome
  4. Yes ive seen this before, i really like it :-) good idea to post it, it does a good job
  5. There doing great :-) think i posted some new pics yesterday mabey,there growing up fast :-) ill get some more pics tomorow :-) some daya they dont like cuddles so much lol.
  6. And if your wondering why you cant get in chat, you have to submit or answer a total of 10 posts first, alot of people have questions about that, take care
  7. You will meet alot of great people here and alot of hard but probably simaler stories, were happy to have you here, welcome. :-) im sorry to hear what you have gone through, you will heal, and i have found being here helps alot. Feel free to pm me.
  8. Vivkitten

    Giving this a try...

    Im sorry about your past and hardships, and i think thats a great idea :-) take care
  9. you came to the right place impk, everyone here is really supportive, wishing you the best, talk to you soon im sure
  10. Vivkitten

    More pics

    May of posted this twice....oops sorry, anywhoo enjoy :-)
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