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  1. Hi, I'm new too, I only joined last week. It's helping me already. Feel free to message me anytime
  2. Hi Leah, I'm also new. Sorry about your recent abuse and hope you can heal from it x
  3. Hi Rollergirl. I hope you gain lots of healing from this site. I'm new and have already found it helpful.
  4. Hi Kayleigh, I'm new too. I'm sorry to hear of your assault and I hope this site helps. For me, therapy has really helped me with dealing with my abuse and I wish I had done it years ago and thought I would mention that it Amy be helpful to you. Hugs.
  5. Hi Darren and welcome. I'm new too. Hi
  6. Thanks vivkitten! Hehe I'm just working out whether I have the guts to access this site whilst on a packed train so I'll let you all know. step by step as they say - it's all a process they all say!
  7. Hi all and thanks for the warm welcomes! I read them and it made me smile. It has shocked me and saddened me of how many people are on this site but I joined to find others like me and I think I am doing just that. i am also encouraged by messages saying I hope you gain from the forum like I have. I'll let you know
  8. I just wanted to introduce myself. As the name princess was already taken, I guess there are some others on here going by that name and similar! im 36, f and from the UK. Looking to meet others in a similar situation or past for further healing. I am here to deal with my demons and yet at the same time help others as I realise I am maybe further on my journey than I thought and at this moment in time, I would say to anyone reading this that it does get better. This may change tomorrow but today is a good day. i think I have always been ashamed of my past and still am and blamed mysel
  9. Hi I'm new too and wanted to say hi. I'm 36 and really would like this site to add to my healing and hoping I will meet others along the way
  10. wow im new but everything that randi84 said applies to me! i have a great family but just don't get it and i can't talk to them about it. im 36 and trying 6o come to terms with something that happened when i was approx 8/9 years old and only a few of my friends know. i hope to heal further through this site and if i can help or inspire someone else that would be amazing.
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