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    Hiking and enjoying natures beauty, spending time with my family, friends with Spongebob and Patrick

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  1. I am sorry Hawkgirl, sitting with you offering safe hugs if OK
  2. HI in_time, welcome to AS, you are not alone here.
  3. Welcome to AS! We are here for you!
  4. Welcome to AS, you will find the support you need here!
  5. Welcome we are here for you!
  6. Hi, I am sorry for what brought you here, but am glad that you found AS! The memories will come out as they are ready to,it is tough but that is how it works. I suggest getting a therapist, start to journal, This will help with your journey. I am sorry about your mother, you will find that some of us have issues with our mothers, and there should be a section where we deal with our crappy parents, lol.! So welcome to AS
  7. Welcome to AS, a good thing to do would be to get a therapist,to help you deal and process everything you have gone through.
  8. Welcome lilly, everyone here is supportive and helpful!
  9. Nice to meet you, the people here are warm and supportive. Welcome to AS
  10. Welcome to AS, everyone here is real supportive and helpful!
  11. Welcome Jenny, nice to meet you. Everyone is very compassionate here.
  12. Hello, welcome to AS, the people here are very warm and supportive, We are here for you!
  13. Hello and welcome to AS, the people here are very compassionate and caring! Sorry for what brought you here, but you will find healing.
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