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  1. Hi, I'm New And Nervous

    Nice to meet you, Callie I'm new and practicing at bravery too
  2. How Do I Get Through The Emotions?

    DBT has helped me immensely through the emergency phase. I use it in my job, so luckily I had some experience with it when I ended up needing it. Google it. Specifically what helped the most was recognizing and validating every one of my feelings and memories, no matter how crazy. Then remembering that even though feelings hurt really badly, I probably won't die from them. And when I do feel like I will surely die from feelings, distract and escape (tv shows, video games, and exercise for me.) Something else that helped was trusting someone I knew with it. My person was kind and loving and supportive and said everything right, and I still regretted telling immediately. It hurt so badly to have someone know and still does regularly. However, because he knows he can tell me "You are not a bad person and you didn't make this happen or deserve it." I agree with writing, though I have so much shame and fear of exposure that it is difficult to have a record hanging around.
  3. New Person, Looking To Talk To People With Similar Experiences

    Hi! I love DBT, it's been incredibly helpful to me too. I've often thought it would be helpful to have "distress tolerance" tattooed on my wrist
  4. Such A Relief...

    To have a safe place. Thank you. I'm still scared to even think about it, but I'm glad I have other people around me here. Hi!