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  1. in_time

    New here

    thank you everyone. I am so thankful for the support. it means so much. @reglois @Sandycheeks @Painnbroken @phoenixxx
  2. in_time

    New here

    Thank you Patricia, I started to write a memoir about a year back and i stopped because it became too much. My body just floods with anxiety and i start crying I will try to start up again though. Thank you very much
  3. Hi everyone, I am new here. My experience happened about 6 years ago. For some reason a part of my mind is blocking out the trauma. I've been to several therapists and different treatment options. But for some reason I am recently triggered for an unknown reason and I cannot shake it. I am here to find support. I hope I can gain some sense of clarity of my situation and finally heal and come to terms with what happened.
  4. welcome! I am new as well. It's nice to meet you. Good luck on your healing journey
  5. I relate to your post so much. I had to hold back the tears because i know EXACTLY what you feel like. I was 12 when it happened. I feel so angry that i let him do that to me. I was just a CHILD. I feel like my innocence is forever lost. I feel like there is a part of me that he took and i will never get it back. My childhood was ripped from me in a mere 20 minutes and it kills me inside to think about it. and the aftermath. hurt even more. hiding it from my mom.. the torment afterwards. the verbal and physical assaults afterwards for months. No one cared. It tore me apart. I just want to scream. i feel so alone right now. I still can't come to terms with what he did. I want him to understand my pain. I feel like i could have done something different. I feel like he doesn't understand the toll the moment took on my life. I always think "what if, what if".. I feel so weak and vulnerable. I feel like I'm never going to be okay. i just want to be okay. I want to think and talk about it without crying. I want to finally feel like a survivor. But it feel so far out of arms reach.
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