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  1. I had the same problem Jen when searching initially for threads on "Pap Test" or "Pap Smear". It would be good if those words could be searched in some way.
  2. Welcome to AS Jessi. Hope you find some healing here.
  3. Hi there. Welcome to AS. I'm into Natural Horsemanship and have my own horse too. Good luck with your studies. Hope you find healing here.
  4. Hi there walkthismile Welcome to AfterSilence! I would really like to be the first to say that I think the username you have chosen is really powerful! It really speaks to me in many ways. As a signifier that you've been through 'a lot' (an understatement I know), as a comment that healing is a journey and you've taken the first steps towards that, and as a challenge to anyone out there who would look to judge you to first 'walk a mile' in the same footsteps you've trodden and then see how they feel... So thank you for sharing that powerful metaphor with us! It sounds like your friend rea
  5. Welcome to AS, Naturebarbie You don't have to share your story. You can just ask for support. You can just read what others are doing in their healing journey. You can do here whatever makes you feel safe and supported. I hope you find this to be a place of safety and healing.
  6. Welcome to AS .hi: I'm sorry you need to be here too but I am glad you found us. This place is great. I hope you can start to heal. When you're ready, we'll listen.
  7. Welcome back! I haven't met you yet, but look forward to meeting you on the boards.
  8. I have thought about making this suggestion several times. So glad to see that others think similarly. I'd love to share some recipes!
  9. Welcome to AS So glad you're really positive about your T (therapist). It's a great place to start. Feel free to read, post comments and ask questions. Do what you need to get support.
  10. Welcome to AS Face to face can be scary. Take your time. There is no rush. Feel free to read the threads here, comment, ask question, do what you need to in order to get support and strategies.
  11. Thanks, John. I appreciate you taking it to the other mods. I know it will need one of those warning bits up the top like in the ED or SI forums that lists the rules for use, states that medical advice should not be sought as we're not doctors, yadda yadda (even though we don't have one of those at the moment and people seem to know that on the whole - but just to be safe). I like the pinned thread on coping strategies for medical appointments idea that JenD had. I will "watch this space". Thanks again.
  12. I agree dodo that offering medical advice is very risky and I would want anyone to think that I'm encouraging that. I'm not a trained doctor or medical professional. I'm just thinking that seeing as how so many survivors struggle to get doctors to respect their needs it might be nice to have somewhere where we can read about how others have done it. Or, how many of us have thought we were the only person to struggle with invasive examinations and tests (e.g. Pap tests/std checks/etc? I was envisaging it being a bit like the therapy support section where people can ask for support in trying
  13. I've noticed that several members are asking for support for medical issues. I know that I have at least 3 threads relating to this topic. I think it could be a good thing to have medical topics in the one forum so that commonly asked questions (e.g. I know I have asked for support going to gyn appointments) can be there for other people to read and get support from. Does anyone else think this is a good idea?
  14. Thanks for removing it, Vera and Becky. Thanks for raising it too, Anala. It troubled me too.
  15. No worries, jayne. Glad it's all sorted.
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