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  1. Cindy, yours is definitely invited! I'm sure there's a unicorn for everyone who wants to ride one in here. I love your plan to see the rainbows! She's very excited to see them and to spend time with new friends.
  2. this made me smile! may you get all the flying unicorns you deserve. Hee hee thank you rosa! My little one would like to give yours some hugs and an invitation if she ever gets those unicorns to ride them. Hope she feels better soon!
  3. When I was a child, I was a complete tomboy. I'm assuming this was because I figured it was easier to hide as a boy than to be a girl with my abuser around (but this can't be proven seeing as I don't have strong memories of my childhood as a whole). My inner child, on the other hand, is a beautiful little girl who is learning not to be afraid of being a beautiful little girl. Yesterday my boyfriend and I were texting and the conversation got quite silly, and I had said "Does this mean you are the unicorn I've always wanted?" Typically, I never have wanted one, not even a pony, so this was a very odd comment, which he took note of and asked me since when do I want a unicorn. I quickly realized that through all the joy in the conversation, she decided to join in and got really happy and couldn't hold back from sharing that with him (she loves him just as much as I do and considers the little boy in him her very best friend as I consider him mine as well as my lover). It was a very cute moment. She went on to explain, though erroneously that she wanted a flying unicorn like Pegasus (though he corrected her by letting her know Pegasus was not a unicorn ). Afterwards I had to ask if that moment freaked him out in the least bit, and he answered not at all. In fact, he considered himself lucky because I somehow surprise him everyday, and that was his surprise for the day. I think both I and my little one are happy that he can accept us both and show us the care we both deserve. I'm happy she's able to express herself more openly now and without fear. I love you Little Emi.
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