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  1. Hi There!

    Thank you everyone so much for the welcomes! I've never been in a place so welcoming, haha. Pheonixgirl, that's awesome. I'm looking to get into Natural Horsemanship as well! c:
  2. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    You are not my brother.
  3. Hi There!

    Thank you Sam!
  4. Hi There!

    Thank you everyone for the welcome! It's very kind of you! ~ Hobbit, you shouldn't have said that, LOL. I love talking horse. <3
  5. Hi There!

    Thank you for the welcome! I appreciate it! (:
  6. Hi There!

    Hey there! I'm Catastrophe's Saint, or you can call me Natasha. c: Lets see.. I'm not very good at introductions, haha. Erm, I'm seventeen, Canadian, eh. I was looking for somewhere to feel comfortable sharing my story, and I came across After Silence, and it seemed pretty legit, haha! I have a pretty open personality, and I'm very chatty. I live for animals. I'm currently in my last year of highschool and will be moving into college taking my Animal Health Technology diploma annnnd my Equine(Horse) science diploma, majoring in Western Horsemanship. My inbox is always open for any wanting to talk, whether that's about their worries, stories, or just to have a nice friendly chat! c: alright~ thats all I have to say.