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  1. Not New But..

    Welcome back. The site experienced a big crash and all data from 10/2011 - 03/2013 has been lost unfortunately.
  2. Whalianib

    Sorry they did that. Click the 'Report' button right under your post (it's light gray colored so i can be easily overlooked). Alternatively, go to the member profile and report the member (there should be a button at the lower right corner for this somewhere). The mods will take care of banning the member and delete the spam in your post.
  3. Hi New Again...

    Good to see you back.
  4. Hi. Had To Rejoin

    Good to see you back. Understand the grief over the lost posts. I lost pretty much all of my stuff as well (and have it not backed up anywhere). It hurts. But we will find a way to open up once more. (((chant)))
  5. Hi Everyone.....

    Hey DOA. Good to see you on the boards again. Glad you kept a copy of your poems. It would have been really sad if they would have all been lost.
  6. All My Posts Were Erased?

    The server crashed and AS was down for 2 weeks. All data from everyone starting October 2011 unitl that crash were lost. I think there are still attempts to retrieve the data but it looks grim (not sure about that status actually, it has been a while since I read an update on this).
  7. How Reporting Thread?

    Not stupid at all. BTW, you can also report a member by clicking on their name to open their profile and then click the report button on the lower right corner. Seeing that some new members post plenty of spam, thus after reporting spam, I switched to reporting those spammers now.
  8. Search Function

    Thanks John. Maybe there is some way to 'fool' the system? If there is, I know you will figure it out. I also tried to search for pap test & gyn exam as Phoenixgirl some time back without success and I know others looked specifically for CBT or DBT approaches in the therapy forum but could not search for that either. The problem is that those specific terms are often not mentioned in the subject lines of the threats such it is very hard to find anything related.
  9. I wonder if anyone can advise how I can properly use the search function for 'short' words? I have been trying to find posts about 'art therapy' and it does not let me search for that as words with less than 4 letters are not accepted and no results are shown. Searching for the word therapy is WAYS to broad of course and would not really lead me anywhere close to the things I am looking for. Any ideas or tricks on how I can make this search efficiently? Thanks. edit: changing 3 into 4
  10. I am so, so sorry. ******************** I have had those words in mind for months for this threat but never dared to write those down. I know those words are 'not' ok. However this is how I still feel. The reason why I decided to post them after all is that I hope that in a few months or a year from now, I am NOT thinking like this anymore. And then those words I just typed will help me realize how far I have come in my healing process.
  11. Quick Escape?

    One thing to keep in mind if you are using the 'private browsing function': Cookies, history etc are indeed not stored. However, if you close the window without logging out of AS while having another window open, you are not automatically logged out from AS. When you then go back to the AS website you will see that you are still logged in. At least that how it is for Firefox. (I was really surprised when I noticed that).
  12. Could You Make A Recipes Forum?

    I love that idea! Might be a good subforum for 'simply life' or so.
  13. Maybe This Too Much Too?

    Welcome on the boards, wiltedflower. Just be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time. When I started out here about two months ago, I was completely overwhelmed in the beginning. I read some stories in the 'share your story' section and had major panic attacks. Could not handle reading them (let alone write down any supportive words whatsoever). Start reading the topics you might find safe yet relevant for yourself. Feel free to skip some posts or even complete subforums. It is ok (I still don't go to the share your story section and some other subforums. I feel awful for not 'listening' to the stories of my fellow survivors here, but it is just something I am not ready for. And I realize that they likely do understand). Don't feel obligated to share your story. This forum gives you the opportunity but it is NOT a must. I have not shared my story and I don't know if I will be ready at some point for it even though I think it would be nice to get the word out. Nobody judged me for it. Find your own path at your own pace. If you decide you feel comfortable posting or replying, go ahead. If it does not feel safe yet, skip it. Same goes with the chat. You might consider replying to some topics first, to start getting used to it and getting a bit more comfortable. Often times, there are not many words needed. Just letting someone know you read their threat and offer some hugs means plenty. Take your time, don't put yourself under any pressure. This is a place for YOU!
  14. Cookies

    Foundy, that is the message from Firefox (my computer is automatically downloading the latest version) when you click the 'private browsing' button: Thus you would not have to worry about having to delete anything. As John said, some other browsers are offering this function as well nowadays.
  15. Cookies

    Lol, I prefer the eating part, too