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    watersports, most other sports as well except for golf (that's not a sport), eating, quiet coffees, learning from the kids how to be cool (not something a mother can ever be good at though), my ipod

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  1. Hey Brian, good to hear that things are going well with you
  2. Hi Joanne, welcome. I hope AS helps you to find the peace and support that you are looking for.
  3. I have read that this is a known glitch with the latest Invision software update. I have read that Invision have come up with a fix for it. If you receive a PM or send yourself a PM the count should be reset to 0 anyway. I saw it when the software was updated on AS, sent myself a PM an it has been fine since then.
  4. Welcome to AS... it is so easy to feel alone with your thoughts isn't it. Take your time to settle in, post when you feel comfortable, no rush. As you have found already, just reading can help
  5. Ah, trolls, yes there are Internet Trolls out there... not so many in here though so don't fret. "In Internet terminology, a troll is a person who enters an established community such as an online discussion forum and intentionally tries to cause disruption, most often in the form of posting inflammatory, off-topic, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate messages."
  6. Hi, I know how hard it must have been to say that. Welcome to AS... it is a safe place to look to for support.
  7. Well, if you use Firefox and configure it to delete cookies automatically on exit then it will not remember you.
  8. LOL karen... you're right... there should have been a WARNING This post contains information which the nibblers amongst us may find upsetting...
  9. Ah, I've had some sugar and have reread your message... as Lindy said, yes the remember me checkbox. A session that would expire if left idle too long would be a useful feature (that's what I thought you meant on first reading). Does the system allow you to set an idle time on the session?
  10. It's back to the cookie jar... when you login you are given a cookie. The cookie is like a secret flag that allows you to browse from page to page... each page checks that you have the flag and then when your browser waves ot it allows the page to be displayed. These cookies bahave in a variety of ways... sometimes they have a short life, sometimes they don't die (yes, sometimes cookies never get eaten), sometimes they get scrambled and the flag waving bit doesn't work. Back to your question... you want your browser to realise that you have walked away from the computer and to prompt for a
  11. foxy


    Hi Macey, if you need somewhere to go then here is as good a place as any... welcome.
  12. Hello, welcome to AS. It's strange how alone you can feel when you are surrounded by people. I hope AS can help you find your voice.
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