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    snowboarding, listening to music, watching tv/movies, shopping, hanging out with friends, travelling, road trips, experiencing new things.

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  1. noooo...LOL..it said something in the rules or something about a troll..in chat..or something? idk lol. maybe i've lost it? haha
  2. either that or just talk to myself till someone comes in, right? LOL (jk!)
  3. I posted more than what I was supposed to, to be able to chat, so I hope I find nice people to chat with in there. I'll be on till probably late tonight, if anyone wants to come into the chatroom. I'll be in there. I'm really shy at first, but..that's because I dont trust people I dont know, right away. it takes time for me. I've had so much trust broken over and over, so. I'll warm up to you though, eventually, I promise just give me time. Ashley
  4. WOWWWWWW desiree!! good for you! I'm new here too, by the way. You are such an INSPIRATION! you fill every meaning of that word, really. I hope that I can be just as strong as you someday. I pray all the time too, and i know God is strengthening me, its just that I have to believe that I am as strong as God knows I am. I hope you are able to touch many young lives, as I'm sure you will! Good luck and God bless! Ashley
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