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  1. Welcome to AS I am new here also. The people here are very supportive and it is helping me a lot. Take care, Chris
  2. Hi Joanne and welcome to AS, Chris
  3. Hi Everyone, My name is Chris and I was raped 39 years ago. I started therapy about seventeen months ago and my therapist suggested that I go online to try and talk to others about the rape. I have read some of the stories that are posted and they have helped me to realize that I'm not alone. I hope that soon I will have the courage to post my story, Chris
  4. Hi Todlyn, I was raped when I was 12 and it is now 39 years since it has happened. I never told anyone and went through life hiding it from myself and everyone else. I began therapy about seventeen months ago and realize now that it has been the best decision I ever made. I welcome you to AS I'm also new here, my therapist also suggested that I go online and find a group to talk to. I hope that this part of your journey in life leads you to healing, peace and happiness, Chris
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