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  1. Back After 4 Years

    Its a positive step being on this site. Glad you came back Whitedove
  2. Visual Voice Project

    Yes I would be happy to donate poem etc - please let me know how to donate poem - if via PM or such. Thanks
  3. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    I have had everything said to me at some stage. "He is a nice man" - I cringe now when I hear anyone say that "This topic is making me sad" A therapist say to me = go to someone else to talk about this topic???? A therapist say "You talk about this too much" when I had not even started and I was not even seeing that one weekly. Like aren't they supposed to listen anyway. I told him off, he apologised. Telling other people, and then coming back and telling you they have told other people. Do people not understand privacy Silence
  4. Hi

    Hi there Welcome to AS Whitedove
  5. New Guy

    Welcome to AS. Sorry your abuser is contacting you. Hopefully you are in situation where you can deal with this occuring. I know I finally had to threaten legal and police action on mine to get rid of that occurance. Hopefully your situation is not that dire. Whitedove
  6. Facebook And After Silence?

    Looks great - When I typed in After Silence for Facebook - there were others named After Silence - so ensure you have proper one at link above... Whitedove
  7. Facebook And After Silence?

    I know I have done a page and a group for the survivor organisation I am, because of the easiness of the individual page. Face book however, were urging a group for organisations. Looking forward to seeing the FB page and joining in. Whitedove.
  8. Iphone Users And Chat

    I believe you have to download an app for chat. I have not got it working myself though - got as far as the download of the app and went back to using the laptop. Hope that helps. Whitedove
  9. Wap Version Of Livechat?

    This link did not work. I just looked at iphone for parachat and it is saying you need to download a app? Not sure what phone you have. My iphone does not work with the chat room at the moment, but have only tried for a couple of minutes to get it working. Let me know if you have iphone?
  10. How Do You Delete Threads/posts?

    Or just delete the entire contents of the message? Whitedove
  11. Chat Room

    It is allowing PM's too. Thanks Whitedove
  12. Hi, I'm Back

    Welcome back
  13. A "view Unreplied Posts" Button?

    In the interim. If you go to each forum ie the "Welcome area" and down the bottom of the forum there is an Order by: section. You can order by replies A-Z. This will list the ones ordered first with no replies. Not as simple as a button press, but this can be done already I believe. Tracey
  14. Adding A *non Triggering* Chat Room?

    Just having two rooms would be better. Either room can be talked in, regardless of it was a triggering chat or not. If something was triggering, people could move to the other room as necessary. If there are thoughts of having additional people being able to open a new room, I am willing to have that and open as available when I go in. I know that for a period of time, there were so many in chat it was difficult and a 2nd chat room would have been beneficial.Thinking these people could have different coloured icons? Albeit, not sure if this is available at the moment, with this particular chat room in chat.