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  1. selene


    Welcome to After Silence. I hope that you may find a home here. Love, Selene
  2. I think Loves said it very well... Sorry that you need us, but glad that you found us. Take care. Love, Selene
  3. Hi! I know that the gathering of rape crisis centre numbers is well-intentioned, but due to the several thousand km between Australia and South Africa, I believe someone may have given John inaccurate information. There is a seperate thread for Cape Town (which is a city in SA), but that's okay. The main problem is that the post was made in a language that looks like Spanish/Italian/French. None of these languages are spoken by more than 0,001 percent of the population. There are eleven official languages, but the main ones are Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans or English. In fact, it doesn't look
  4. selene

    South Africa

    I think there was an accidental mis-posting here. South Africa's dailing code starts with 27 and I believe that the post is not in any of the official languages -sends flower- Childline can be reached at the following number. They should be able to re-direct any adult victims as well: 08000 55555 There are other numbers and associations as well. I will forward the most prominent ones to you via PM, should you like to include them. Selene
  5. ((hugs)) It means that I access AS via cellphone. Selene
  6. Hi again! Still hoping some technically-orientated person can answer this? I really miss live chat... I have some other local instant messaging programs that are java-based, so there probably has to be some way to access the existing AS chat with wap? Hugs, Selene
  7. Hallo, I'm glad that you found this place, although I'm angry that you had reason to do so. And so you know - his addiction or whatever it is, doesn't justify his choices. Please be safe and make good decisions for you and your family. Please get help, not just from here, but to ensure your physical safety. Selene
  8. Got it! :D Thanks! Sorry, the whole viewing websites on a cellphone thing, makes them very cluttered so it's easy to overlook things. Sorry.
  9. Thank you Callie, hugs are always very welcome with me. ((((Callie)))) Lynn, thank you! I will definately look you up while i become familiar with the boards again. Tor, if this place is anything like when I came here back in 2005, then I'm sure it will be a very great comfort to you. Just to put everyone's mind at ease - I'm not in a particularly bad space, just under a lot of stress. This brings back some bad memories related to what first brought me to these boards, but for the most part, I'm keeping my chin up. Let's say revisiting the boards is more of a pro-active step on my part? I
  10. I don't have internet access via a PC anymore. I see a link for the Opera browser, but is there one for OperaMini that you are aware of? That's the browser I'm using currently. Also willing to download another mobile browser if necessary. Thanks!
  11. Is there someone I could PM to alter my e-mail addy? I couldn't see an option to edit it in my e-mail settings on the CP and the addy is woefully outdated. Thanks! Selene
  12. 23 August 2008, 1:20 PM. I think the title says it all... This has just been a horrid, horrid day and I found myself remembering all the love and kindness that these boards had to offer. I've missed you... Selene
  13. (((teazle))) I think this is a wonderful idea... I think it would be great to hold the teddy in one's arms and know that it has been to so many people you love.
  14. Hi Joy Welcome to AS and please contact me if you would like to...
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