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  1. Thanks everyone. Dodo (Karen) I remember your name and your picture from four years ago. You are the only one that I have recognised on here so far. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome it was much appreciated! I am here for me right now and I guess that is all that matters at this point.
  2. Hello, I was here 4 years ago. I found the site helpful, but I left because being on this site was just another secret that I was keeping. I am tired of keeping secrets. Shame plays a huge part in all aspects of my life and I would like to deal with that and move on at some point. I am back now feeling a little stronger. I am going to try to share the site with my husband at some point, but not quite feeling ready to do that yet. Allie
  3. allie2


    Hi Tori85 and br okensoul1258, I am new here too. It has been good to hear stories and feelings from other members. I think this is helping me to cope. I hope that you are both able to find support here. Everyone seems to be really friendly and helpful! Best Wishes, Allie2
  4. Hello, I am Allie2, I chose that name because my grandmother used to call me Allie when I was little. I was assulted at 15, and have been struggling with the effects for some time now. I am happily married to a great guy with two beautiful strong children. I guess I came here because I am still having issues 15 years after the assult, and I would like to try and sort some of that out. I guess thats all for now.
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