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  1. Facebook And After Silence?

    Anyone does what their comfy with of course but also remember whatever you like does not necessarily show that you survived it, it shows that you support it.
  2. Facebook And After Silence?

    It would definitely bring awareness to rape/child abuse ect to have a page on Facebook in regards to AS. From my experience I would do a page & not a group, it is easier to like something than to push for people to join. Can't wait to help push you guys when you decide to create a page!
  3. Uh, What's Going On?

    If you were banned you would not be able to post and you would have a pm or email stating such. Obviously chat is having issues, think of that first. Email or pm any mod you choose and I am overly sure they will check into the issue and get back to you as fast as they can. It happens though ok? You can not make posts in the chat forum though which is why it states that you are not authorized to do so, only head chat members, mods and admins are able so to post here is very correct. Try not to take it personal though, because it is not. Chat just has a quirk at times. Keep safe.
  4. Topic Chat

    I read the 20th not the 19th: Event Date: 20 January 2008 3:00 I won't be there but be there if you can, Kelly is awesome.
  5. Confused

    No, not at all. I was just answering your question.
  6. Confused

    It means don't post your own personal issues, where as the ones with society and the world and the news are allowed especially if you have a vent about it. Vents about our own personal lives go in the vent forum. Make sense?
  7. Very nice post Teazle, if only the one's that cause the probs here agreed. Hopefully this gives YOU ALL the reminder that you do not have to stay here and can go to many other places just try google. Follow the rules or leave, it's not too tough to follow.
  8. Hi, I Am New Here, Looking For .... ?

    Just wanted to welcome you again hun.
  9. New Here

    All you had to do was say hi. Welcome to AS.
  10. First Time Here

    Welcome to AS Marty.
  11. Hello All You New Ppl

    You picked the right site. I am next to invisible lately, just going through my own unmentionable crud. But hey WELCOME!!
  12. Just Another Newbie

    Welcome to the group hun.
  13. New To This Forum

    Welcome to AS Jackie.
  14. A Reintroduction

    Welcome back home Snowy.
  15. View Count?

    Ya know what needs to be thought of? How many posts do each of us including myself look over and not reply to? My best advice is, don't look at the count. As Ardatha stated, it takes many counts to even just reply to a post, atleast 5 then you have the amount of times the actual poster looks. Be proud of yourself for just posting, that takes enough courage.