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    Angel in disguise *See my hailo?*O:) LOL

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    music, and internet chat

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  1. Thankyou everyone ...And welcome to AS pinkyponk living4life
  2. Thanks guys for the welcome back means alot java script:add_smilie("","smid_44") thanx.gif Living4life
  3. i use firefox we dont use internet explorer but i was just looking in a post u did big and and i didnt clik nothing and next thing i know i am in humour forum lol so then it kicked me back to in here and it had email, then after silence like a when u have to many browers open they line up on top of ur page thing but this was on the site. like where this goes. "> Public Forum Message Because this is a public forum, the content of your posts is visible to unregistered members. Remember to enter your username and password to access the private forums." ^ | idk what it was but it wa
  4. hey there i am back have not been here for AGES fogot my password and couldnt remember it LOL stupid me LOL i only just worked it out but here now hhehhehehe living4life <-----this was at macdonalds in australia lmfao sorry had to state that lol
  5. hey i was just looking at this forum and i was reading one on somthing being new and i did not click nothing and it kicked me to the humour forum and then some other forum lol and then had this thing up the top saying after silence and some email thing but it was joined onto the site not my search thing hahaha i know nothing about computers but hope u know what i mean sorry lol the thing i mean under the where u search box lol sorry i know this dont make much sence lol but it was weired i will say that it keeps kicking to other forums. yes im quiet aware this dont make much sence but i
  6. erm i dont see nothing LOL but then i havent been here for ages lol living for life
  7. i think it should be 10 post and then after that 10 post u get pm privaleges and then 5 after that u get chat privaleges i think 25 is to much because it gets boring posting so many post. and some people might get bored and leave and wont come back. i personally was fed up with my 25 post half of em hmmm wont go there. i was going to leave. i think 20 is good. 25 is abit to much and i think going abit over board.. but i think 15 is better 10 post. to get pm privaleges. and 5 post to reply to people and idk get to know people but seriously 25 woah i think is to much. but thats my opinion l
  8. hahaha i was looking for where i put music on the forums cause the name changed i was thinking WTF is going on lol thought i was going crasy lol until i pressed on the aclove thing and found it lol thanks it looks great from living4life
  9. thanks for all the same replies lmao hahaha i will now remember the replies lol thanks from living4life
  10. thank you for all the replies sorry i kind of fogot i had writen this post huh lmfao thankyou from living4life
  11. hello im posting here because its a new yr now.and hopefully this post is gonna be the start of something new. i know i started off rough on this site. but i can honestly say now that this site is one of my favourites. u all are a bunch of great people . to admins u have done a great job and thankyou to moderators you guys are great and you all have done a great job aswell so thankyou and to every1 you guys are great. you guys have been great supports, and you are all a great bunch of people. so thankyou from living4life
  12. sorry i thought i typed may trigger on the tittle thing that says description guess i didnt i didnt know how to get that blue box other wise i would of. sorry from living4life
  13. i agree with what saltywaters and amylyn said. from living4life
  14. i looked at my post today and i have a trigger sign on it but i cant remember putting it there as i dont even know how to do it did any1 else do it? if so thanku from living4life
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