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  1. I'm not really new, but I feel like I am. I used to come here all the time, but it's been a long time since I've been back. I've been hurting a lot lately and trying to find a way out of the pain. I've started therapy again and I'm talking again about what happened to me, at least a little bit, with my therapist and my best friend. Coming here was very healing for me back then and I'm hoping it will be again as I try and fight my way through the healing process. I'm a survivor of date rape, domestic violence, rape, and sexual abuse. I hate that there's so many of them. I feel so stupid sometimes that so many people have victimized me. I'm so tired of being a victim, I really want to become a survivor. Anyway, I'm hoping I can come back and find healing again.
  2. My inner child wants her mom. That's pretty much all she can think. Not that my mom could ever be anything I need, it's just amazing to me how that doesn't stop the wanting her.
  3. My inner child wants her mommy today. I'm feeling a little lost. My mom could never be there for her the way she needs and I can't seem to give her what she needs yet either, it seems like today all she wants to do is hide her head and cry. I'm so tired of getting triggered and feeling all alone and having my feelings stomped on by people who "love" me, and the little girl in me wants her mommy to protect her.
  4. It's really hard for me to talk to my inner child, but she's really scared and unsure right now, and I can feel her vulnerability. I wish I could just gather her up and let her feel safe. She doesn't trust me, though, I really think she thinks I can't protect her.
  5. Stacy


    Welcome to After Silence.
  6. Stacy


    Welcome to After Silence.
  7. One other thing I just thought of, I have "comfort" clothes. Sometimes when I am really sad or really triggered, I wear things that make me feel warm or safe. I have a favorite sweatshirt that I put on and pajamas always comfort me too.
  8. Stacy


    Welcome to After Silence
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