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    Knitting, running, my two little baby girls, the hubs

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  1. Why No Answer?

    Thanks. That's better. Was starting to worry for a while.
  2. Why No Answer?

    I sent a pm to a mod nearly two months ago regarding an issue, and I have not received a reply. And as far as I know (from what the messenger thing says) it has not even been read yet. I'm not very happy about this. Has anyone else had any similar problems? It is not often that an issue has arisen where I have felt like I have needed to contact a mod, but what is the point of asking for help or feedback if there is no reply?
  3. I'm Struggling And Just Need A Little Support

    Welcome to AS! It's hard. It's a hard road to walk, run, or drive. but we can walk etc beside you!
  4. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I don't want your shame.
  5. This Is Part Of My Attempt At Healing

    Glad you are here! I hope you find healing, as I have!
  6. Intro *t*?

    My name is Cat. I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, an incest survivor, a sexual abuse survivor, and a rape survivor. I don't really know who I am...although at the age of 28 and as the mother of two beautiful little girls, and the wife of a high ranking police officer, I should know that by now. I like to knit, read books, watch my girls explore the world around them, and nap. Sometimes I just feel so alone. My husband is so supportive, but he can never truly understand what is going on in my brain. I have friends, but they don't know about my past. I have an amazing therapist who has helped me greatly, but he is not my friend or my peer. Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. I hope I can find so e support here. I just feel so alone.q