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  1. Welcome to AS! Lindsay
  2. Long intros or short intros, everyone is welcome here. You've been through a lot and we're here to help or talk to if you need it. Take care! Lindsay
  3. Welcome to AS Jen! I'm glad that you're taking time for you and that you have a great support system. Since members are from all around the world, there is almost always someone on to talk to or to post and get feedback soon. Take gentle care of yourself and see you around the boards! Lindsay
  4. Welcome to AS! We're here for you. Lindsay
  5. Welcome to AS! I hope that you will find some comfort in knowing you're not alone, although it would be nice if none of us had to be here. We're here to support and encourage you when you need it. Look around, get comfy, and if you need anything, let us know. Lindsay
  6. Hi hun! I'm glad to see that you're back here. I'm here if you need anything. Take gentle care of yourself! Lindsay
  7. This story is very much needed right now. Thanks for posting this so it was able to be rediscovered Lindsay
  8. I really like what has been posted here. It helps make the recovery process much more concrete. Lindsay
  9. "Music is the salve for the wounds of the soul" Mark Twain
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