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    Hi, my name is Haullie Free. I am a Survivor and a Thriver! When I was 11 years old I was sexually abused by a former step-father.

    Since then I have found my voice and my reason for living. He could not take what was precious to me, my ability to rise! So I rise, and I rise, and I soar above the emotional pain now. Moving forward in life is my dream, as it is also my dream for all Survivors worldwide.

    Love & Healing, Haullie

    Breaking the silence, one VOICE at a time

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  1. can I have the password sweeties?
  2. I think it is so brave of you to be here and I definately believe you are on the right path toward healing. Welcome to AS sweetie, many hugs and support to you. Love, Haullie
  3. I keep getting these e-mails...However there is no way for me to unsubscribe to any topics that were previously subscribed to way in the past, I don't like being notified of topics anymore. Can someone unsubscribe me from these? I can't seem to do it and although it gives me directions on how to do it, whenever I try to there is nothing listed under subscriptions so I have no idea why I still get notifications. I click the "spam" buttons but it never seems to work. I still get the e-mails to my inbox hehe, kind of wierd. Thanks girls, your're angels!
  4. Haullie


    Hey sweetie, it's good to see you're back on the board, lots of people miss ya, I hope you find all the support you need hun. You always have people who love and care for you here and will listen to you when you need a friend. May you find the compassion you deserve. I am thinking of you sweetie. Hugs! Love, Haullie
  5. I keep seeing "-1 messages" at the top of the screen where it should just say "0 messages"...does anyone know how it can be fixed? Thanks sweeties. Love, Haullie "throb"
  6. Awww Sad you are just too sweet, thank you for understanding. I know it's hard to see everyone's point of views,...but that's why we have to work together to understand the reasons for our safety and to respect each other first and foremost and I really do see great things happening for this board. A really great turn around is near for all of us and it's not that we should see it all as just an improvement but rather a chance to develope and grow as thrivers. Love always, Haullie
  7. Here's some ways to cope with negativity should it arise between you or someone else... 1. Think before you speak, that always seems to help a great deal. You're in no rush to finish a post so proof read it for anything that you feel might offend someone. Cause it's not always our intention to offend. 2. If a post is bothering you emotionally but you still want to reply but fear that your sensitivety might get the better of your wording, feel free to come back to the post later when you have had time to think about what you would like to say and then reply. 3. If something someone has said upsets you or offends you, ask nicely why they said what they said. The only bad question is the one not asked...there's nothing wrong with asking...so long as you're not sarcastic or rude in your question. For example I think it's very rude when someone said "ummm......" right before asking a question...that just makes the person who started the post feel stupid. There are better ways of asking questions than to be sarcastic and nasty about it. Love, Haullie
  8. I don't believe I have ever openly stated how I have felt about the anger that has been directed towards people here at AS but I will say this...it has become quite a problem and it's not a pointing fingers game at all but if you really think hard about it, it's a few people who no matter how many warnings or advice has been given, still feel that the rules do not apply to them. This thinking has caused a loop that affects everyone else and stirs up feelings of confusion and anger. I don't think certain members understand why rules are set on this board, but let us think about it for a minute...what a great feeling it is to feel protected...I really wish that certain individuals could feel the same way. Personally if these rules were not here things would in my opinion feel unstable and chaotic. I too struggle with the same issues and crisis' occassionally just like every other member...but I have taken heed to the advice the mods have given me and because of this I have found a way of navigating and using this board to my advatnage. If anything I have learned how to become a better thriver. For example, if I am having a sucidial thought...it serves no purpose for me to come on to the board and post about my crisis...but the mods have advised all of us to seek help elsewhere and have given a few examples of where to seek help and because of this I have and I have gotten the help I deserve...help that keeps me on the road to recovery. I am very disappointed in the way things have been, only because it used to be a lot better and for some reason drama feeds on more drama and it's become something of a loop that needs to end. We have to start asking ourselves why we came here and why it is important to respect the views and opinions of others. It's not about silencing members when a mod makes a decision to close a thread, it's because mods knew exactly from the get go what this board was designed to do...help us speak out and heal. To seek out help and new support systems. They thought that as fellow survivors themselves that this would be easy to understand. I haven't always been a chat mod and I understand...and as I write this I am for the moment not speaking as a chat mod. Just a survivor and fellow friend. As for being more respectful which is what this whole topic is about...here are my ideas in a list form so it's easier to see how I feel... 1.) Be respectful, we all heal differently and if you don't like someone's opinion, that is okay...debating is not about arguing, it's about giving two sides of an opinion without attacking the other person's views. Not that I think debating is healthy in this forum, it will eventually happen and if we can learn to do it respectfully than it will only make us better people for it. 2.) rules and guidelines are not up for discussion and attacking any mod for just trying to protect the entire board is very rude and only causes more drama. There's probably not a single person on here with an exception of a few who agrees with everything...but for something you don't agree with someone else will and it's about honoring what others need and deserve as well. 3.) Try to understand that everyone else on thos board just like you has a life outside of AS. We have husbands, jobs, we go to school, take weekend vacations...bla bla bla...that's what life should be all about...so if someone isn't "there for you"....give them a break, cause it really does come back to the golden rule to treat others as you would want to be treated. 4.) When in chat room, please show the same respect as you would in a post when leaving a trigger warning. When you're about to bring up a subject that might be too graphic or triggering, follow your inner instinct and ask permission if it is okay to talk about a certain topic. There's nothing wrong with asking. 5.) People who strom out of the chat room or forum because they get upset about the mention of a certain word, topic or are just too stubborn to ask a simple question is just rude and confusing to other members who in the aftermath feel like they did something wrong to that person when in fact they are just being themselves. I honestly think that is just a person's way of getting attention and let's face it, that's something we never talk about for fear of offending someone but it's something we should talk about. Seeking attention is not healthy. Why do people do it? Do they think we don't notice? Do you think they don't realize what they are doing? Well they do, and I think people are VERY aware when they do it and it's selfish. I am not trying to sound mean or anything but it's just something that has to stop. 6.) Please, pretty pretty please when in the chat room or forum posting about an issue, don't post things that will make us believe your story is something different than what it really is. Oftentimes people will say things like "My baby just died, I don't know how to cope." and then 4 hours later FINALLY mention the fact that it's an animal and not a real baby...that is confusing to everyone and it puts us in a position where we don't know how to trust anything that person will say next. anyway I'm sure I could think of a longer list of ways to be more respectful but this is a start. I am going to ask though that if you do respond to this post that you do it with respect and maturity as this is everyone's first step and I am entitled to how I feel because what I see is what I see. I agree that there is a lot about people's behaviors that needs to change for the better and it's high time people stop blaming the entire board or it's mods for the actions of others because respect is golden and trust here is not given away, it is earned. I care deeply for all of you and I hope that you will take heed to what I have said. I usually don't poke my nose in public threads like these, but even I have a breaking point from time to time. I feel like it's because I have so much love for this board and all of it's members that I am now finally speaking out about this. Love always, Haullie
  9. Hey sweeties, I was just curious if y'all had given any thought to createing this new forum? I am very excited about starting new threads on excersises for survivors. Take your time, no rush. Love you all!!! Thank you for making this place so special for all of us. Hugs!!! Love, Haullie
  10. woo hoo! Thank ya for talking to the mods about this idea sweetie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love ya, Haullie
  11. I have a suggestion for a new forum. Perhaps a sub-forum in the "Well Being" or "Therapy" section of AS. How about a forum for "Healthy Healing Exsercises" (or whatever you would call it hehe)...such as worksheets, questionaires for survivors and other forms of exsercises. I think we could all benefit from such a forum and by having a specific place for these exsercises...they would never be lost in the hundreds and hundreds of posts and people wouldn't have to search for healthy healing exsercises. I would actually suggest the "Well Being" forum to create a subforum because that's already a place to discuss our personal mental well being and this would be like an extension of that mental well being. We could do exsercises on all sorts of things like questionairs about ED and SI, Personal Affirmation lists, Worksheets on coping with SA and signs of being in a dangerous relationship...ect. Do you know of the "Complete These" thread? Things such as that as well could also be included. I think it would also be a great place to post exsercises that we have all learned in therapy, support group or on retreats...and ideas we could do on our own time. So anyhoo, it's just a suggestion, I know you have a lot of forums here already that's why I suggested it as a sub forum so it wouldn't have to take up much room. But I just think this would be so wonderful and benefitial for the survivors. What do you think girls? If you decide not to do this I will completely understand. HUGS!!! Haullie
  12. I like "Share Your Story" because telling is like a HUGE milestone in your healing and telling your story shoudl be something you honor for yourself as a way of beginning your healing process. Sharing your truth can mean anything and that is what the other forum catagories are for, plus it's amazing to obtain so much information in various areas of our recovery and it keeps us focussed.
  13. Pinned is a topic chosen by the forum administrators or forum moderators that will stay at the top of the forums specified. Such as "guidelines" for example, so that it is easier for members of AS to view these specific topics for future notice such as announcements as well. Haullie
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