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  1. i do think about it everyday, but it's more little flickers of it/him, rather than 24/7 like it was a couple years ago. what happened doesn't have control over me like it used to. the, for lack of better word, obsession is gone. i think it will be a while before i only think about it every once in a while, though.
  2. A group of friends I have from work and I are sponsoring two families during the holidays, so this morning I went out and bought some more stuff for the families, and then went over to the house of one of the people helping out and we wrapped the presents, organized the food and presents, and baked cookies for the families. It wasn't technically for me, but it sure made me happy.
  3. I ate something. I took a long, relaxing bath. I smiled.
  4. Comments made by my parents: "Why do you let this bother you so much? You need to get over it and move on." gee, thanks for that support you offered me When my mom first found out about it, she looked at me kinda wierd and said "So you didn't try and fight him, try and scream for help? I thought we taught you better. You should have done something." um, hello. knock knock, anyone in there? first of all, yes, I did try to get away from him at first. Second, I was 11 freaking years old and he was HUGE compared to me. Do you seriously think an 11-year-old that's scared shitless can fight off
  5. I decided to avoid a potentially really bad situation.
  6. Well I can tell I like you already! Welcome to AS! Take your time in telling your story. Just do whatever seems right for you. Remember, YOU are the most important person in your healing.
  7. To me, after silence means having a family of people that you can love and trust and relate to you, who you know will never judge you and accept you just the way you are. It also means the beginning of healing and the breaking down of the sound barrier that survivors have between them and the rest of the world. It means healing. It means hope. Thank you all so much for you being who you are and being the amazing people you are!!! We can get through this!!!
  8. Hey Araya!!! Welcome to AS!!! Don't be nervous, people here are really understanding and supportive. I'm 16, so im closer to your age than most people on here. If you ever need to talk to, you can always PM me
  9. Hey pup1spup!!! Just to let you know, we all are really supportive of each other and I dont think anyone will tell you to "just get over it already" on here If you need to PM me about anything, go ahead and welcome to AS!!!
  10. Hey klynn134!!! Welcome to AS! Dont be shy and if you ever need to PM me, go ahead.
  11. Hey GivesUp and JamesAlacran!!! Welcome to AS! Dont be shy and if you ever need to PM me, go ahead.
  12. Hey TheRainbowPanda!!! Welcome to AS! Dont be shy and if you ever need to PM me, go ahead.
  13. thanks again to all of you who've welcomed me here i was chatting with some of you last night and lets just say im really glad i found this forum and decided to join you all are amazing lots of love, sweetaslemons
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