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Little Mermaid Girl

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    want to know more about me,just inbox me.also here if anyone need a friend!

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  1. i fell out with my best friend month ago,wish i could take bk what i said to her. feel bad about it

    1. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

      falling out with friends is the easiest thing in the world to do, but you always get an opportunity to fix the mishap that happened just gotta wait for that moment.

  2. home work due on monday heh. not sure im cut out for school

  3. Haveing PTSD suck big time



    1. fallenstar


      Yes it does. It will get better! 

    2. Butterflyluv


      I know the feeling!

  4. not sure i can do this anymore

  5. people allways go.why do i even bother to talk to them. life goes on

  6. feeling so worthless and feel like im worth nother to anyone

    1. Ember



  7. really need a friend right now,who will not leave me.need support right now

  8. cant stop this! why am i so bad? worthless weak and a bad person

  9. i feel like i want to cry! it just hurt so much,i feel like im bleeding inside and it wont stop

  10. How am I going to get through another day today?

  11. you just leave like evryone eles does.i give up on life full stop!!

    1. KelBel


      <3 you. Miss you!

  12. feel like im going to slip with si.oh well life goes on

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