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  1. (((((((atomicbetty)))))) Welccome to AS hun. this is a wonderfully supportive place to be. Learning to Fly, Lee
  2. Thanx Jo, sadeyes,teazle and nicole. It's good to be back. "welcome home hun" awwww teazle I missed u too dear one and it is good to be home:) Can't wait to get caught up. safe hugs, Lee
  3. Welcome to all the new people on the forum my old friends My name is phoenyx and I have been away for some time. I have been incredibly busy and have my 2 grandkids ages 5 and 2 these last 6 months along with added stressors and really need teh extra support. I am glad to be back on the board. Thanks Lindy for the assist! I will post more as I am able in time. Safe Hugs to those who want them. Walk in peace, phoenyx
  4. Warm Welcome to AS hun and ((((((safe healing hugs)))))) This is an incredible place! Lee
  5. I tell you that I'm a stripper if you promise not to invent notions about what that parlays into my personality, character or recreational habits. They would be wrong anyhow, so I'm just saying. Fun job, though.
  6. I so agree with you Vera. You and Nicole and all the other mods have the best interest and safety of all of us here and for that we thank you more than you may realize. He was xtremely rude and totally not understanding or he just didnt care. Lee
  7. alysure It is super to see you again hun! I hav ewondered how you have been. I would love to add yo uto my LJ list of friends:) I am topazphoenyx there:) Sending love and hugs, Lee
  8. Dana Warm welcome to AS hun. this is an amazing place. Lee
  9. Allie Happy to see ya back hun! Lee
  10. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy Welcome Back Sooks So great to see ya sweetie:) Lee
  11. Catherine Never forgot you hun. Isnt it wonderful when we can get to the point of using our own names:) I like ur avie too. Lee
  12. femme Warm welcome to AS hun. Look fwd to getting to know you:)
  13. Lina Warm Welcome to AS hun. This place is loaded with love nad suport:) HAppy Birthday sweetie:) I will be 45 this NOV 15th and i do Not feel old LOL. Lee
  14. phoenyx


    sleeper wb hun Lee
  15. 1)The infamous, what's your favorite color? PURPLE,TEAL,BLACK 2) What's your favorite animal? I LOVE THEM ALL 3) If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would you want to meet? MAYA ANGELOU 4) If you could turn into any animal for a day, what animal would you turn into and what would you do? A DOLPHIN, SO I COULD SWIM FREELY THROUGH THE VAST OCEAN WATERS:) 5) If you could have any job what would it be? ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH RESCUE AND REHAB OF WILDLIFE/OCEAN LIFE 6) If you could be any age for the rest of your llife, what age would you want to be? I GUESS 44, THE AGE I AM NOW. I DEF WOULDN'T WANT TO RETURN TO MY CHILDHOOD. 7) What's your favorite smiley? I LOVE THE HUG ONE AND THE ROFL. 8) Are you an early bird or a night owl? MORE OF A NIGHT OWL 9) What's your favorite holiday? THANKSGIVING 10) If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with you, what would you bring? MY CHIHUAHUAS, MAXIMILLAIN AND LAKOTA 11) What's your favorite food? FRESH FRUITS, ALL BUT GRAPEFRUIT 12) If you could spend one day doing anything you wanted to, no matter how much it cost or anything, how would you spend that day? PAMPER MY SELF AT A SPA AND HAVE MY MAX AND LAKOTA PAMPERED ALONGSIDE ME:) 13) If you could be an actor/actress in any movie, what movie would you want to be in? WITCHBLADE 14) If you could have your hair any color, what color would it be? BEEN BLONDE,BEEN FROSTED AND BEEN PURPLE. THINK I'LL STICK WITH MY DARK BROWN THO I WOULD LIKE STREAKS IN IT:) 15) What's your favorite sport to watch? AMERICAN FOOTBALL, PROFESSIONAL OF COURSE. 16) What's your favorite sport to play? FOOTBALL
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