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  1. sleeper


    hi everyone, i dissappeared for a while and now im back. feel bad for just jumping into my problems before reintroducing myself, so HELLO and sending you loads of sleeper
  2. well i finally put down my fisrt post feel good now sleeper
  3. i just want to say hi everyone and that i hope u r all well. i still dont have the courage to reply to anyones posts. i dont no why i have this fear im going to say the wrong thing or that i dont feel worthy. its really weird. but i hope you r all doing well and will try and get more courage to give back to u rather then always take. sleeper.
  4. hi everyone, im so sorry that i havent replied to anyones posts. i feel so selfish because i wanted people to reply to mine. its not that i dont care, please dont think this, its just that im in a really funny place at the moment and im scared im going to say the wrong thing. but please know i am thinking of all of you and if you ever want to pm me please feel free to do so. sleeper
  5. sleeper


    wow you guys are so welcoming. thankyou so much sleeper x.
  6. sleeper


    hi, im new. im nervous writing here. ive had bad experiences on forums. sleeper x.
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