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  1. Thanks hun. Coming here is making me realise that! x
  2. Thanks Blossums! So nice to know im not alone! And good advice - thank you very much. So do i - ill let u know i expect! another rant no doubt! x
  3. Thnaks biggestfoot. Ur right i know. Life is getting better around me its just this - and ill get past this. Thanks for pointing out there is always a ray of light, when im like this it needs ponting out!! thank you
  4. Thanks Punksoab, tell u what, when i work out how to pm here maybe i will! lol. U gotta laugh. Such a tired binty head right now. grrrrr. Thanks
  5. Im in such a funk at the moment. I cant rest, im comfort eating, so then i feel bad. My spending is outta control again - always spend it on food tho! lol. Good expensive food. U gotta laugh! im getting fatter and unhappier by the second and all i can do is drink, smoke and eat. It cud be worse, oh krikey it can always be worse, but im pretty worried. Now i can hardly sleep at all without medication. This hyper-vigilance thing is waring pretty thin after 16yrs. I have therapy on Wed, and to say im shitting my pants must be an understaement of massive proportions! Im crashing, again. I c
  6. Thank you Biggestfoot. Im slowly starting to realise the truth of that too after years of self blame. Im really glad i found this place too! So many lovely people. Thank you for your kind words x
  7. Hey Teasle. Thank you. Bye the way i love your picture with the "why wont these wings work"! Its made me smile x
  8. Thanks for the big hug Lee, i am glad to be here already. Im glad your learning to fly too. ((((((Lee))))))) x
  9. Thank you Blossums. I hope I blossum here too! x
  10. Hey hun! It is me! lol. thanks hun, that wud be great. Nice to not feel like the only one thats nuts for a change! see you soon x
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