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    ok, well music is a big part of my life, playing and listening, currently my favourite band is Dream Theater, but i like bands like papa roach, sum 41, the offspring, greenday, lit, less than jake, NOFX, dragonfoce, yellowcard, all the good stuff ;D<br />other than that, i hate reading, and i love anime<br />i love thunderstorms, natures beauty.<br />erm.. autumn's my fabourite season... that's right i said fabourite, got a problem?

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  1. well, i have to say, that's pretty god damned pathetic and with that note, me thinks me leave AS fern: I agree with dave. They say they'll never hurt you but they always lie.. you always get hurt in the end... what a suprise.. what i thought all along turned out to be true. Il miss AS but looks like they wont miss me. Thank you to. selene.. maddy.. claire .. michaelmac.. kitty... and anyone else who ever showed me support and gave me someone to talk to and care for. You all taught me alot. And i look up to. But i have now decided its best i leave. xx il be here for anyone at anytime.. if they feel they would like to get in contact x.. *love* I always thought the day i left AS.. i would feel like i over came evrything that had ever happened.. and leave a better person. Its a shame i have to leave this site the way i have. Dave: bye byeeee *waves to AS* Fern: *tags maddy* - love ya hun *Dave hears a big sigh of releif from AS as dave exits*
  2. thanks so much for posting, when i was allowed to look at profiles i noticed her email address is one she doesn't use for MSN anymore, she changed it, but forgot to change it in her profile i assume, if you sent it to that one, then that is why she never got it, also what forum rules did she break? or is that private/personal *goes to terms of service to see if he can figure out what she did wrong* thanks again nicole here's a messege from fern, if she was suspended because of the age thing, then read on: fern: I refuse to believe that, because im ONE year under the age restriction of this site, I should be suspended 'temperally' ... And denyed support. I cant believe the one place i felt like i belonged has now ditched me aswell. I give up on trying to accept help now, And i refuse to let people try to help me. Dave, that means you too ..and maddy ... etc . come to me if you want support.. but i dont deserve help anymore. why, even though im 14 in january .. i still have to wait till febuary to use the site .. is pointless to me. I never lied about my age and always told the truth. I was open with everyone about the fact that i am 13. ... a few have my email address.. if some of you do want to stay in touch,... selene, maddy, claire.. dave .. etc have my email addy. Thanks for all your support in the past. but i feel totally unwelcome now.. so i doubt i will return in febuary. love you all x fern
  3. Fern tells me her account's been suspendid unfil febuary, she also tells me she got no notification, and as fern rightly stated i make more trouble than her, so what the poop's going on?
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